Streams and Waterfalls

Wandering barefoot 
upon the wet rippled sand
with pointed hands
connecting stars
waiting every second

holding still breathing in
the patient gets the win
standing fine breathing out
its impossible not to doubt
the questions from within

Across the river the sky aligns
the brightest lights of the sea
now thats the dream
Im certained to see
thats where I wanna be

Beyond patterns of the tides
I am blessed with enough heights
to forsee the waves
not all can see
I dived right into the currency

Garnered the strength
to get through to the end
but the sky always decides
how the water flows and resides
should I follow where the water takes me?

Or should I endure the possibility?
faced the truth at every call
have known it all for so long
been roaming through streams
and living under waterfalls

ocean souls overflow
whenever there's a storm
plotted pursuits
from head to its roots
am I heading to another blindfall?

the waves it leaves its mark sign
before reaching the shoreline.
Must conquer a thousand miles
of roaring thunder cries
before knowing true purpose and design

so take the leap
even when it looks deep
across the river we'll see
another light shall soon rise
and we'll be the first in line


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