If only the sky speaks

Photo by D.G.T.
If only the sky speaks 
all of my predestined,
it would have already known
I'd follow its lead
Like God's prophets and followers
and the bible's prophesies
things kind of been revealing
Cause I find myself the feeling
of an alarming serenity
stealing every minutes
of the good sanity
that's left within me
petrified from the relief
like water,
soothing as I grip
but promptly it slips
in the spaces of my fingertips
unable to control
this disbelief
causing droplets of tears
from the fears
I've been working so hard to conceal.

If not send me the courage
of the little prince.
give me a sign
that not all stars
are meant to be align
help me ascertain
the real ones
I have missed
cause if only the sky speaks
I'll plead from the deck
of my subsequent
we're here for a split sec
so little days to know
every miniscule
of every kind
we think we have all the time
but all it takes
is a matter of words
to knock my anxieties
every time asked
if I am fine
so I try to hide
as if its going to stop time

but i know
It all comes and goes
like how the waves
hits the shore
all designed
to remind
its okay not to be alright sometimes.
Perhaps here in June
there may still be something new
cause when you are alive
what else can be an overdue?
All these bruises
they're all proofs
earth has no sorrow
heaven can't fix
a reminder that tomorrow
comes with healing
but still...
if only
the sky
- Divine

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