Children of the Golden Universe

Photo by: D.G.T
Vast material universe
A definite matter at a given time.
I'm just a dot reflecting
from all the things I did as part of humankind

Over the years of life's existence
How did we deserve to inherit so much dominance?
You did more than just sustain us
From the animals, plants, skies, and the seas
all these resources you made to make our life at ease

But what have we done to all of these?
Our world is filled with so much destruction,
everything that I now see
is suffering from global annihilation

Our ways may not be that grand
but there is wonders in one helping hand
we were once mold in one singularity
and that energy still lives within me

From the smallest creature to the giant sun
I am part of this massive kingdom
so I will listen to each harmony and rhythm
whose meant for something each second of every season

Here-and-now and life with God-here-after
my soul gratifies in a whispered prayer
please forgive our shameful demeanors
and take good care of our future generations

So live life according to its purpose and reason
look at the world with beauty and its being diverse
as stewards of God, nurture the world with your labors
for we are the children of the golden universe.

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