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Children of the Golden Universe

Vast material universeA definite matter at a given time.I’m just a dot reflectingfrom all the things I did as part of humankindOver the years of life’s existenceHow did we deserve to inherit so much dominance?You did more than just sustain usFrom the animals, plants, skies, and even the treesall these resources you made to make … More

One’s genuine kiss

Seeing,A vast incredible gift of senseof knowing how someone’s presence could change your point of viewing. A gift, that is absolutely magicalyet deceitful and overwhelming brought by the image of common lovepredictable and unmysterious Blinded by what we see,untrue to what we need.Life’s too short to forget and missthe true feeling of one’s genuine kiss.

I still want it…

Hard breaths beginning from now and every morning I know its tiring from all the things that can make or break me but I am still dreaming cause I still want it still have a vision even for a sweet uncertain ending but I’m in danger there’s no room for another stagnation must not surrender … More

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